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Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH
(LEG Thüringen).

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99084 Erfurt
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Who we are

We love Thuringia and do everything we can to make the Free State even better in order to advance everyone who wants to invest, work and live in Thuringia.

Experience since 1992

The Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH has been supporting the development of the Free State of Thuringia into an attractive location for business, investment and technology since 1992.

Strong for Thuringia

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Free State of Thuringia with more than 250 employees, LEG Thüringen® is a competent partner in all aspects of business development and real estate management.

Our successes

  • Erfurt-Brühl – a district in transition

    It is one of the largest urban development projects in Germany: Since the early nineties, LEG has been transforming a 25-hectare former industrial site right next to the Erfurt Cathedral into a new neighbourhood where people live, work, experience culture and spend their free time.

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  • Erfurter Kreuz – successful business establishments of global players such as CATL and N3

    At 439 hectares, it is the largest industrial zone in Thuringia. LEG has been developing the “Erfurter Kreuz” since 2005 and has attracted world-class companies, including the world's largest battery cell manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) and N3 Engine Overhaul Services, a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik and Rolls-Royce.

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  • Zeulenroda-Triebes – urban development in rural areas

    The Free State of Thuringia is characterised in particular by a very small-scale settlement structure. Consequently, one of LEG Thüringen's central tasks is to support municipalities in sustainable and forward-looking urban development. One example of LEG's work is the urban development of Zeulenroda-Triebes in eastern Thuringia.

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  • Thuringia academix career fair

    Since 2011, the Thüringer Agentur Für Fachkräftegewinnung [Thuringian Agency for the Recruitment of Skilled Employees], a division of LEG, has organised the Thuringia academix career fair. Young skilled employees, students, graduates and young professionals from all over Thuringia come here to meet employers who present their companies and their job and internship offers.

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  • ThEGA energy guide for Thuringian municipalities

    Successfully manoeuvring Thuringian municipalities and districts through the energy transition and using their potential for climate protection and energy savings in a targeted and sustainable manner – this is an important task of ThEGA. The various services offered by the State Energy Agency specifically address the needs of municipalities.

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  • Digital Rescue Chain

    Saving valuable time and thus lives – this goal was supported by the Thuringia Digital Agency (DAT) as part of the Thuringian pilot project of the Digital Rescue Chain. The former pilot project is currently being expanded throughout Thuringia to include the ground-based rescue service, as well as the digital pre-registration of victims in emergency situations in the emergency rooms of hospitals in Thuringia.

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  • Delegation trip to Vietnam and Singapore 2019

    The largest delegation ever headed by a Thuringian Minister President visited Vietnam and Singapore in April 2019. Together with Bodo Ramelow, over 100 participants from the fields of business, science and politics travelled to the two South-East Asian countries.

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  • Support of the “smood – smart neighbourhood” growth core

    One of the core tasks of LEG Thüringen's Thuringian Cluster Management is to initiate and support R&D cooperation projects. This includes alliances that implement technological innovations and generate growth and employment. One project within this activity is the “smood–smart neighbourhood” growth core.

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    What makes us different

    Holistic thinking and acting

    Our heart beats for Thuringia. Our work serves the future-oriented development of the Free State of Thuringia. We think and act holistically in the interests of our clients. We give impulses and promote new projects.

    Diverse competencies under one roof

    Our success is based on the knowledge and experience of our employees. Their expertise and commitment enable us to address new issues quickly and flexibly and to find innovative solutions.

    Working within a network

    No one can advance a country on their own. That is why we maintain and cultivate contacts with all parties involved in the development of the Free State of Thuringia. We get everyone who is needed around the table to find the best solution and to implement it quickly.


    At the head of our team with commitment and heart and soul

    Andreas Krey

    Andreas Krey Chairman of the Board of Management

    Sabine Wosche

    Sabine Wosche Board of Management

    Our commitment – We take responsibility

    For us, Corporate Responsibility (CR) means taking responsibility and getting involved. Out of conviction, we feel committed to assume our share of responsibility towards the environment, people and society.

    Our commitment


    On the way to becoming a modern business, investment and technology location

    • 1992

      LEG is founded in Erfurt on 15 May 1992. Its task is to act as an instrument of the state government in promoting Thuringia as an investment and business location and to improve the quality of life in the Free State.

    • 1993

      Start of one of Germany's largest urban development projects: LEG acquires land of the old Erfurt-Brühl industrial site from the trust and develops the inner-city area into a lively urban district in the coming years.

    • 1995

      Thüringer Landeswirtschaftsfördergesellschaft (TLW) is incorporated into LEG. This means that from now on the state development company is responsible for attracting investors and marketing Thuringia.

    • 1996

      LEG begins developing the Kindel site in Eisenach, which was once used for military purposes. As a result, the site develops into an attractive industrial location, providing space for a large number of companies, especially from the automotive industry.

    • 1997

      LEG takes over regional management in the “Städtedreieck am Saalebogen” (city triangle on the Saale bend) and promotes a large number of projects in the three towns of Saalfeld, Rudolstadt and Bad Blankenburg over the next 15 years.


    • 2000

      LEG begins developing the old industrial site of Kyffhäuserhütte Artern; in the same year, the conversion project “Neues Bauen am Horn” in Weimar, through which LEG realises innovative projects for the homes of the future, is an EXPO project.

    • 2004

      LEG makes an interim assessment in Schleusingen: The goal of comprehensive urban renewal has largely been achieved. Listed buildings have been upgraded, squares have a new ambience, and the old town radiates attractiveness.

    • 2005

      LEG starts a true success story with the development of the new “Erfurter Kreuz” industrial site in Arnstadt: In just a few years, the new location attracts well-known companies such as Daimler, Masdar PV, Lufthansa, Rolls-Royce, Bosch and IHI.

    • 2007

      LEG focuses on work-life balance: In the middle of the year, the “LEG Summer School” for employees' children celebrates its première. Five years later, in April 2012, LEG celebrates the project launch for its own company daycare centre jointly with the city of Erfurt and partner companies.

    • 2008

      Ringelberg continues to grow: Having been given the green light for the fourth construction phase, LEG steadily pushes ahead with the development of the largest residential area in Thuringia, ensuring a better quality of life in the state capital.


    • 2010

      The newly founded Thuringian Energy and GreenTech Agency (ThEGA) is established at LEG and, on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economics, drives the state's transformation into Germany's “green engine”.


    • 2011

      The issue of impending shortage of skilled employees is addressed: In spring, the Thuringian Agency for the Recruitment of Skilled Employees (ThAFF) is launched. It promotes Thuringia as an employment location, addresses commuters and works within the network.

    • 2012

      LEG becomes even more international: With the official launch of the “Thüringen International” area of responsibility, LEG expands its activities in the field of foreign trade and focuses on target markets from the USA to China and from Brazil to Russia.

    • 2012

      The Thuringian Cluster Management (ThCM) is created as an instrument for the expansion and establishment of clusters. In the course of implementing the Thuringian Innovation Strategy, the state government establishes the RIS3 office at the ThCM to coordinate the implementation process.

    • 2013

      In September, the “Thuringia Welcome Centre” is opened on behalf of the Ministry of Economics. It is a comprehensive contact and advice centre for foreign skilled employees and for Thuringian companies that want to recruit employees from abroad.

    • 2014

      The city of Erfurt and LEG sign a development agreement for the “ICE City” project. LEG will develop large-scale areas around the ICE junction at Erfurt's main railway station. To this end, LEG enters into an initial purchase agreement with Deutsche Bahn AG for the first subarea.

    • 2015

      On 25 April the 3rd Thuringian State Garden Show opens in Schmalkalden. LEG acted as redevelopment agency in this context; among other things, it redeveloped the western suburb and carried out the expansion of the local transport hub at the railway station.


    • 2016

      LEG completes extensive reconstruction and site clearance work at the Rudolstadt-Schwarza site – benefiting the companies at the site and enabling or facilitating the establishment of new companies.

    • 2017

      The activities of the Acquisition, International and Cluster Management department are expanded. A new field of activity is “Investment promotion in the tourism industry”.


    • 2018

      The Chinese battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd (CATL) chooses Thuringia as the location for its new Gigafactory. The Free State of Thuringia and CATL sign a contract for establishment at the LEG site “Erfurter Kreuz”.

    • 2019

      The “Prizeotel” opens in the immediate vicinity of Erfurt's main railway station. This marks the completion of the first visible building block of the ICE City Erfurt.
      Elsewhere, urgently needed (social) housing is being constructed.


    • 2020

      In Diedorf, the ground-breaking ceremony for the revitalisation of the ESDA industrial site takes place. LEG is part of a project group breathing new life into the former hosiery mill.


    • 2021

      In Oberhof, the excavators roll out for the “Am Dimitroff” residential area. After many contributions to Oberhof's urban and tourism development, LEG is once again helping to make Thuringia's best-known winter sports resort even more attractive.

    Our participations

    How to contact us

    Do you want to shape the future and make Thuringia prosper? Wherever we can, we will support you in advancing your project. Please contact us. Together we will discover how we can help you in the most effective way!