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Thuringia academix career fair: Targeted recruitment of skilled employees for Thuringian companies

The Thuringian Agency for the Recruitment of Skilled Employees is a division of LEG. It has been organising the Thuringian academix career fair since 2011. Young skilled employees, students, graduates and young professionals from all over Thuringia come here to meet employers who present their companies and their job and internship offers.

The challenge: Meeting the shortage of skilled employees

To ensure the growth of Thuringia's economy, one of ThAFF's central tasks is to support companies in recruiting employees. According to recent surveys, two out of three Thuringian companies consider the shortage of skilled employees the greatest risk to their own development.

It is of particular importance to attract young professionals and graduates to come and work in Thuringia. When young professionals get to know companies from their own region, they often decide to pursue a career at home. Through the academix career fair, ThAFF creates the appropriate platform to achieve this.

Objectives of the academix career fair

  • ThAFF promotes Thuringia as an employment location,
  • supports Thuringian companies in recruiting,
  • addresses young professionals in a targeted manner and offers exchange opportunities.

“Attracting valuable skilled employees to Thuringia”

Sabine Wosche

Sabine Wosche Managing Director of LEG

“Nothing is more valuable when starting a career than personal contact with future employers. Through academix, we offer young people the chance to get an idea of the diverse employment opportunities in the Free State of Thuringia. Our Thuringian exhibitors have been using the fair for over ten years to find new skilled employees and strengthen their teams.”

    Steps to fill vacancies for skilled employees


    The ThAFF prepares the platform for meetings between skilled employees and employers. It creates the spatial and technical conditions for contact in face-to-face, digital and hybrid formats.


    Thanks to years of networking, the ThAFF has excellent contacts with potential exhibitors. Many companies take part in the academix career fair again and again; at the same time, the ThAFF is always recruiting new exhibitors.


    In the run-up to the event, ThAFF runs advertising campaigns to draw the attention of young professionals to the fair. This includes online advertising, flyers, print ads and campaigns at universities.


    On the day of the event, the event team ensures that the fair runs smoothly, informs media representatives and looks after visitors individually. This means that the wishes and needs of exhibitors can also be taken into account on site at short notice.

    Results: Inspiring skilled employees for Thuringia

    Since 2011, academix has established itself as the most important career fair in Thuringia. It brings together exhibitors and professionals from all over Thuringia, most recently in 2021 with around 100 exhibitors and around 1,000 young professionals. As such, the Thuringian academix job fair is an important part of the ThAFF's comprehensive range of services, which also includes the commuter and returnee fair comeback, numerous commuter days and information events for Thuringian companies. ThAFF makes an important contribution to meeting the demand for skilled employees in Thuringia.

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