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Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH
(LEG Thüringen).

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99084 Erfurt
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Erfurt-Brühl - a district in transition Living and working in Erfurt in a modern district with many jobs and a very good infrastructure for families.

It is one of the largest urban development projects in Germany: Since the early nineties, LEG has been transforming a 25-hectare former industrial site right next to the Erfurt Cathedral into a new urban district where people live, work, experience culture and spend their free time.

New real estate and quality of life in the Brühl district of Erfurt

The Brühl (literally a “marshland”!) has a rich history since the Middle Ages – once the administrative seat of the Archbishop of Mainz with the “Mainzer Hof”, later the seat of a large rifle factory, typewriters and microelectronics products were produced here from the interwar period until the fall of the Wall. From 1992 onwards, the brownfield site, with its considerable size and central location, presented a great challenge, as well as a forward-looking opportunity. The task was to prepare the ground for new purposes through planning, clean-up, development and commercial exploitation – an undertaking that required a holistic approach and staying power.

Developing the Erfurt-Brühl site for families and businesses

  • Demolish properties with usability, remove contaminated sites
  • Preserve buildings worthy of preservation for businesses and housing development
  • Create modern infrastructure for potential investments
  • Attract investors for new construction and conversion of flats at Brühl and for office buildings

“Project success comes from collaboration.”

Sabine Wosche

Sabine Wosche Managing Director of LEG

“Our company made a clear commitment to the Brühl site back in the late nineties by combining all LEG corporate units in one building ensemble here. We built our own company kindergarten in Brühl, most of which is also available to partner companies. Close cooperation with the state, Erfurt city council and private investors was crucial to the success of the Brühl project as a whole. Today, the area presents itself as a lively neighbourhood that enriches the state capital!”

    Steps towards site development


    LEG has drawn up a comprehensive plan for the development of the area in consultation with the city. The basis for all further steps was a thorough clean-up of contaminated sites and the demolition of unusable buildings.


    Sections of the area were provided with modern infrastructure. This included the construction of roads and paths, planting accompanying greenery and the provision of media for electricity, (waste) water, IT and district heating.


    LEG invested in Brühl and acquired investors who purchased land and implemented projects. The success factor was being open to a variety of uses – from housing to offices, culture to justice and administration.


    In addition to the demolition of old factory buildings, the redevelopment of testimonies to the rich industrial history played an important role from the very beginning – for example, the Justice Centre and the “Zentralheize” were created through renovation.

    Attractive housing and locations for companies in Erfurt am Brühl

    The construction of the Erfurt Theatre in the middle of the area at the end of the nineties was a pioneering turning point for the development of the location. This was followed by the construction of a hotel, a medical centre, various modern office buildings and various senior citizens' centres. Attractive residential offers were created by the residential park on Rudolfstraße, the “Barbarossahof” and facilities in the central and southern parts of the area. Former administrative buildings became the “Technical Town Hall”. A large area of wasteland was thus transformed into a frequented urban district. The project will be completed shortly with the completion of the construction activities at Gothaer Platz.

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