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Zeulenroda-Triebes – urban development in rural areas

The Free State of Thuringia is characterised in particular by a very small-scale settlement structure. Consequently, one of LEG Thüringen's central tasks is to support municipalities in sustainable and forward-looking urban development. One example of LEG's work is the urban development of Zeulenroda-Triebes in eastern Thuringia.

The challenge in rural areas

The town of Zeulenroda-Triebes was facing great challenges in the 1990s and 2000s due to the economic structural and demographic developments following reunification. The task was to create conditions for sustainable urban development within the scope of an integrated urban development concept and to prepare and implement key projects and measures in a goal-oriented manner. The aim was to strengthen the city's ability to function as a medium-sized centre in the long term.

Sustainable urban development goals

  • Strengthening the city's economic structure by developing new business locations
  • Strengthening the city's residential function through comprehensive urban renewal measures on the one hand
  • and on the other hand the development of areas for new housing construction
  • Strengthening the tourist function of the town due to its location on the Zeulenroda Sea.

“Integrated urban development concepts sharpen the focus of the whole.”

Sabine Wosche

Sabine Wosche Managing Director of LEG

“In 2005, LEG Thüringen became a partner of the town of Zeulenroda-Triebes in the preparation and implementation of integrated urban development measures. In the process, the LEG project team cooperated closely with the city administration, as well as many private developers and investors. Against this background, comprehensive measures were prepared, their financing was supported by a wide range of funding instruments, and numerous key projects were implemented. The integrated implementation of an overall tourism concept for the Zeulenroda Sea was one of our key projects.”

    From concept to urban redevelopment


    The basis for LEG Thüringen's activities was the integrated urban development concept (ISEK) of 2002/03, which was updated by LEG in 2013/14 in line with requirements.


    The IUDC clearly defined the key projects and measures, including the activities in the historic Old Town as part of the urban redevelopment and the terms of reference for revitalisation measures for brownfield sites.


    On the other hand, the IUDC prepared locations for new housing construction and described in detail the preparation and implementation of the activities at the Zeulenroda Sea.


    LEG acted as the redevelopment and urban restructuring agency and took over the project management at the Zeulenroda Sea - in close collaboration with the city administration, private developers in the Old Town, traders and the city's housing companies – and with the involvement of the citizens.

    Creating a sustainable infrastructure

    Milestones in urban development included the revitalisation of three inner-city areas formerly used for commercial purposes for housing construction and a medical care centre, the sustainable redesign of the entire area around Markt/Tuchmarkt including adjacent buildings, organising an architectural competition for the conversion of the prefabricated slab construction areas so that the first construction phases could be successfully realised, the implementation of numerous construction activities on private residential buildings in the historic Old Town in cooperation with the private owners, the implementation of a holistic concept for the realisation of a sustainable tourist infrastructure at the Zeulenroda Sea and the creation of a new tourist centre.

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