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Support of the “smood – smart neighbourhood” growth core.

One of the core tasks of LEG Thüringen's Thuringian Cluster Management is to initiate and support R&D cooperation projects. This includes alliances that implement technological innovations and generate growth and employment. One project within this activity is the “smood–smart neighbourhood” growth core.

Climate-neutral reconstruction of cities as a challenge

Climate change requires steps towards decarbonisation (reduction of CO2 emissions) in various areas. This applies not least to buildings and neighbourhoods in respect of their energy production and consumption. Innovative approaches and new technologies developed through R&D alliances are needed here, as well as well-coordinated cooperation. ThCM supports the development of such complex, technology-driven approaches. One of the corresponding projects in Thuringia is the “smood – smart neighbourhood” growth core, where various stakeholders from SMEs and research institutions are working together on ways to achieve climate neutrality.

Energy-saving concepts and further goals

  • Networking project stakeholders across sectors and technologies
  • Develop new technologies and energy-saving concepts
  • Enable a high degree of self-sufficiency with renewable energies in the neighbourhood
  • Develop liveable, climate-neutral, energy-saving neighbourhoods

“A strong hand in the implementation of the Thuringian Innovation Strategy”.

Andreas Krey

Andreas Krey Spokesman of the LEG Management Board

“The smood project exemplifies the work of ThCM. Through complex support services, ThCM is involved in the implementation of the Thuringian Innovation Strategy – in addition to supporting companies and researchers in R&D cooperation projects, this also includes strengthening Thuringian cluster structures and supporting cluster stakeholders, as well as organising events and trade fairs with cluster and innovation policy significance.”

    Steps to implement Thuringia's strategy for climate-neutral neighbourhood renovation


    ThCM has been involved since the beginning of the project and participated in the discussion and coordination of the first outline of ideas; it lent its support in defending the drafts vis-à-vis the project executing organisation.


    The project consortium was supported during the qualification phase; in addition, further networking took place with relevant stakeholders, including SMEs and research institutions.


    An important stage was the successful defence of the innovation concept at the project executing organisation – ThCM was involved in this.


    ThCM accompanies the project consortium in the implementation phase and supports the concretisation of individual project steps and network establishment steps.

    Sustainable solutions for climate-neutral urban redevelopment

    Key development steps of the “smood – smart neighbourhood” growth core have been successfully implemented. The project consortium has initiated a technology platform that represents an important basis for energy-efficient, climate-neutral neighbourhood redevelopment. The cooperation works: Thuringian SMEs and research institutions are working intensively together on this topic in various individual projects to achieve climate neutrality. The alliance has made an impact through national and international presentations – for example, it was part of the German presentation at EXPO 2020 in Dubai – and demonstrates sustainable solutions for energy-efficient neighbourhood redevelopment.