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Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH
(LEG Thüringen).

Mainzerhofstraße 12
99084 Erfurt
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Phone: 0361 5603-0
Fax: 0361 5603-333

Using Renewable Energies

The energy transition cannot succeed without the contribution of citizens. That is why ThEGA has been working for increased citizen participation since the beginning of its existence. The Wind and Solar Energy Service Centres are working hard to ensure that private households benefit more from the energy transition. Using the solar calculator, interested parties can find out in just a few minutes how quickly a solar system on their own roof pays for itself.

You have come to the right place if you:

  • want to find out about citizen participation in solar and wind energy projects,
  • want to know how quickly a solar installation pays for itself,
  • have questions about a wind project in your area,
  • are planning or implementing a tenant electricity project.