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Saved from dereliction: what next for Reinhardsbrunn Palace?

Reinhardsbrunn Palace in the district of Gotha was being allowed to fall into disrepair over many years until it was expropriated by the State of Thuringia. But what is to happen with this historic structure in future is still unclear.

Learning from experience: Reinhardsbrunn Palace

Franziska Gräfenhan talks about the future of Reinhardsbrunn Palace and its relevance to those living in Friedrichroda and the vicinity.

Tourist attraction, campus or business park

These three proposed concepts for the potential use of the Reinhardsbrunn Palace site near Friedrichroda are under discussion. At the same time, the renovation work on the palace is ongoing.

Out and about on the Reinhardsbrunn construction site

While the work to secure and preserve the historic building continues, experts in Friedrichroda discuss its possible future use.

Reinhardsbrunn Palace in the State of Thuringia with its adjacent park landscape is an important heritage site and cultural monument with an importance that resonates beyond the borders of the state itself. In order to define a suitable…

Reinhardsbrunn Palace - Thuringia’s lost paradise

Abandoned but still magnificent. This is the face that Reinhardsbrunn Palace presents to its visitors today. At the same time, it is a storehouse of events from German history, reaching from the Middle Ages to today.