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Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH
(LEG Thüringen).

Mainzerhofstraße 12
99084 Erfurt
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Phone: 0361 5603-0
Fax: 0361 5603-333

Increasing efficiency, saving energy costs

Germany wants to be climate neutral by 2045. Industry and business play a decisive role in this. ThEGA supports Thuringian companies in this development. Energy experts advise on topics such as climate-friendly heat supply, efficient use of energy and raw materials, the use of renewable energies and the conversion of the company vehicle fleet to electric mobility.

You have come to the right place if you:

  • want to improve your energy and resource efficiency,
  • want to cover your energy needs using renewable energies,
  • are looking for information and advice on funding options,
  • want to determine your carbon footprint,
  • are looking for support in implementing heat projects (waste heat utilisation, heat networks),
  • are part of the Thuringian environmental economy and are interested in specialist information and knowledge transfer,
  • would like to convert your vehicle fleet to electric mobility.