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Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH
(LEG Thüringen).

Mainzerhofstraße 12
99084 Erfurt
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Phone: 0361 5603-0
Fax: 0361 5603-333

Variety in the workplace

A diverse range of duties has always been a hallmark of our successful corporate history. It has long been beyond question to us that diversity is also a success factor in the workplace – we unite people from the most diverse backgrounds under our roof, employ “old hands” and “young bloods”, people belonging to the most diverse religious communities work for us, and the hodgepodge of languages in the meeting rooms and coffee kitchens, if not Babylonian, can at least be called refreshingly polyphonic. Diversity in the company is something we live by!

Implementation of the Strategy / Guidelines

  • Signing of the diversity charter
  • Formation of a diversity team
  • Organisation of a Diversity Day in the company
  • Participation in the “Diversity Challenge” 2018/19 and obtaining second place in the “Public Sector” category
  • Development of a diversity logo to identify our activities
  • Start of the interview series “Vielfalt aktuell” (Diversity news)