Sustainability in everyday work

As a state development corporation, we want to develop further every day and set a good example. Our goal is to make Thuringia more attractive and liveable through each of our projects. This also means that we are actively committed to protecting the environment and firmly integrate the issue of sustainability into our everyday work. We would like to constantly reflect on our behaviour and make our contribution to an even greener Thuringia through many small, simple steps.

Environmental management guidelines

  • In the spirit of saving resources and because of its self-image, LEG uses products and services from Thuringia whenever possible.
  • LEG promotes sustainable development both within the company and in all its projects throughout Thuringia.
  • LEG aims to anchor environmental protection in the everyday work of its employees and to continuously develop it further.

Implementing our strategy

  • Photovoltaic system

    Our roof is decked out with a photovoltaic system that supplies us with daily electricity and helps us eliminate LEG’s need for valuable finite resources.

  • Toilet with rainwater

    Our toilet flushes use rainwater instead of purified drinking water. Up to 9 litres are used per flush. With over 200 employees, we save more than 1,800 litres of drinking water per day.

  • Sustainable catering

    It is important to us not to lose sight of the environmental aspect at our various events. Sustainable catering is a matter of course for us, therefore. When selecting our suppliers and our range of dishes, we make sure that we support local businesses and that the dishes are as low-meat and seasonal as possible.

    We also usually order large glass bottles or water carafes and serve coffee cream/milk in milk jugs and sugar in sugar bowls. To show our event participants where the food comes from, we use signs next to the food.

  • Gifts for guests

    We want to save on plastic wherever possible. We pay attention to this not only in our daily work, but especially at external and internal events. That is why we are always on the lookout for creative and useful guest gifts, such as our cake in a glass from the 12th Thuringia Foreign Trade Day 2019, which was completely waste-free. Once the cake has been eaten, the well-known jar can be reused as often and for as long as you like.

    Our Staedtler pencils are also ideal for daily use in the office. They not only impress with their visual and tactile quality, but are also made in Germany and from local lime wood.

  • Environmentally friendly printing

    We have been printing on environmentally friendly paper for many years and have now set two-sided and black-and-white printing as default on all printers in the company.

  • Paperless press clipping

    Saving paper does not end with the decision to print double-sided. We want to scrutinise every single print and therefore make our daily press clipping available to our staff as a link that can be read digitally at any time. This means that no one needs to print out an extra copy.

  • Paper donations for the day-care centre

    We want to reduce waste! Nevertheless, we always need up-to-date posters for our various events, which unfortunately can only be used once. Even in everyday office life, one-sided misprints often cannot be avoided. These quantities of paper that are no longer needed do not end up in our rubbish bin, but in a collection point for donations for the day-care centre and can be painted on the back. Our children appreciate the giant pictures!

  • Thuringia Sustainability Agreement

    For the third time in a row, we are a member of the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement and participate in the Network for Sustainable Business.