Amazon builds distribution center in Erfurt

Industrial area “International Logistics Center - ILZ” in the north of Erfurt. Photo: LEG Thüringen/Heiko Wagner

A distribution center for online wholesaler Amazon is currently being built at the “International Logistics Center” (ILZ) in Erfurt. Amazon has commissioned Munich-based real estate company GIEAG AG to develop the 23,000 m² site and will then lease the property. Packages delivered by trucks will be sorted, delivered, and returned in shifts, six days a week. Courier services will carry out “last mile” delivery and distribute packages using delivery vans. Sophisticated route planning should help prevent multiple trips. About 100 full-time employees plus around 400 delivery partner employees will be required. In addition to the distribution center, there will be a large parking lot for approx. 70 trucks and 630 delivery vans. The building is already structurally complete and operations are scheduled to start at the end of summer. The company is carrying out this investment without state funding.

The ILZ industrial park, which is also the site of electronics logistics provider LGI, Berger Contract Logistics GmbH as well as many others, is located north of the Erfurt metropolitan area and has a very good traffic infrastructure with a direct connection to the A71 highway. The two main cargo airports – Frankfurt/Main and Leipzig/Halle – can each be reached by truck in less than three hours.
“The location proves that logistics is still a growth industry. Thanks to its central location and excellent transport links, Thuringia can continue to benefit from this growth,” said Minister of Economic Affairs Wolfgang Tiefensee. (maa)