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Directions Sketch LEG Erfurt City - PDF

A detailed directions sketch that helps you to find the LEG buildings once you reached Erfurt city. Format: pdf document1908 Downloads

Directions Sketch LEG Surroundings - PDF

A directions sketch that covers a wider area of the surroundings and helps you to navigate to the LEG if you do not come from Erfurt. Format: pdf document1464 Downloads

Cluster networks in the German state of Thuringia

Create synergies. Use networks. Cluster networks in the German state of Thuringia. Organizational structures and activities in strategic growth areas and industries.2022 Downloads

Factsheet "The Thuringian ClusterManagement"

Innovative products and processes often come about when large numbers of intelligent individuals and organizations bundle their expertise in a joint e ort for which they all share responsibility....458 Downloads

Factsheet "Good health and better quality of life"

The field of specialization “Healthy Living and the Healthcare Sector” provides innovative solutions for the future.307 Downloads

Factsheet "Smart systems and connected creative services"

The cross-sectoral priority area “Information & Communication Technology, Innovative and Production-Related Services” is making Thuringia fit for the digital future.314 Downloads

Factsheet "Efficient, flexible, ergonomic and networked production"

The field of specialization “Industrial Production and Systems” shapes the production methods of tomorrow and is the basis for added value in Thuringia.284 Downloads

Factsheet "Sustainable Energy Supply and Resource Management"

The field of specialization “Sustainable Energy Supply and Resource Management” is stimulating new growth through networking.327 Downloads

Factsheet "Clean mobility and value-added logistics"

The field of specialization “Sustainable and Smart Mobility & Logistics” is generating ground-breaking solutions for the future.291 Downloads

Factsheet Electrical Engineerig and Electronics in Thuringia

Thuringia has produced a host of sophisticated electrical innovations - from laser large-screen projection and MP3 compression of audio signals to groundbreaking research on improving the...3160 Downloads

Factsheet Energy & Environmental Technologies

In Thuringia, firms with an environmental technology focus are highly flexible and boast plenty of innovative spirit and growth momentum. Their versatility and adaptability is exceptional. From waste...3360 Downloads

Factsheet Food Industry

Thuringia is a hot spot for the food industry. The Free State in the center of Germany enjoys a towering reputation for Food.3237 Downloads

Factsheet Information and Telecommunication Technology (ITK)

Information and telecommunication technology (ITC) is one of Thuringia’s high - quality, high - performance and most innovative sectors. Not only is the state the largest manufacturer of PCs in...3111 Downloads

Factsheet Living in Thuringia.

In Thuringia, qualitiy of life is spelt with capital letters!1952 Downloads

Factsheet Life Sciences

Investors can build on a long tradition in medical technology, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals in Thuringia, right in Germany‘s heartland. Its history is one of such important discoveries and...3686 Downloads

Factsheet Logistics

Nothing is really far away from Thüringen. Its central location and state-of-the-art transport infrastructure make it one of Europe’s prime logistics centers. The Free State forms a bridge between...4441 Downloads

Factsheet Maschine and Tool Engineering

Thuringia offers an ideal environment for machine-builders and tool-makers. Its central location in Europe‘s heartland and its first-class transport infrastructure brings markets closer. Harness...3822 Downloads

Factsheet Going to school in Thuringia.

Thuringia's school system is in 2nd plase in Germany. (PISA 2012)2008 Downloads

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