What LEG Does

Economic development and real estate management - LEG's core competencies:

Urban and regional development

  • LEG is a highly regarded remediation and development partner in Thuringia: from individual lots and neighborhoods to city districts and even entire regions
  • Through regional management, it supports local governments with joint projects - LEG plans, moderates and actively executes projects.
  • In urban development, it develops zoning plans, urban-development strategies, development plans and feasibility studies.

Developing, managing and marketing real estate

  • LEG develops and sells construction land at about 70 locations in Thuringia for families who want to build their dream home on solid ground.
  • It also develops and markets urban sites for housing, office, trade, retail and recreational use. Not to mention a wide variety of properties - from single-family homes to former spas to castles and palaces.
  • LEG advises buyers and investors, appraises buildings, assesses the required investment and develops prospects.

Developing, managing and marketing former industrial sites

  • LEG sets the stage for new companies and jobs to move into 80-plus industrial sites with rich traditions.
  • It modernizes the infrastructure, provides industrial buildings and markets the properties to investors.
  • For innovative high-tech firms, it even builds special properties with customized usable space at market rates.
  • LEG promotes sustainable structural development policies for Thuringia by linking regional and technological development in and outside EU projects.

Developing, managing and marketing former military sites

  • LEG manages and markets 60 former Russian military sites on behalf of the State of Thuringia.
  • In selected locations, it prepares the ground for companies and jobs, homes and recreation, playgrounds, hiking trails and tourist destinations in popular vacation regions.

New business, technology, international relations and marketing

  • LEG provides all-in-one services for investors who wish to locate their firms in Thuringia. This includes regulatory management and site and incentives consulting.
  • LEG supports the technology ecosystem in Thuringia by assisting technology firms, coordinating technology projects and supporting technology networks (clusters), among other things.
  • LEG also assists foreign delegations visiting Thuringia; it accompanies Thuringian representatives abroad and manages Thuringia's interactions with partner regions.
  • It presents Thuringia to potential direct investors on the internet, in videos and print, and at events in and outside Germany.


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