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Route Descriptions

Coming from Eisenach on the A4 highway

  • Get off the A71 highway at the Erfurt-Bindersleben exit and head towards Erfurt. 
  • Continue on Eisenacher Straße (B7) towards Erfurt Stadtzentrum / Messe. 
  • Get off Eisenacher Straße (B7) and keep driving straight onto Gothaer Straße (B7). 
  • Get off Gothaer Straße (B7) and take a half-right onto Straße des Friedens (B7). Follow the street for approx. 150 m. 
  • Then turn left onto Benaryplatz. 
  • After approx. 80 m, leave Benaryplatz and turn left onto Bonemilchstraße.
  • Follow the street for approx. 400 m, then take a sharp right onto Maximilian-Welsch-Straße. 
  • After approx. 260 m, turn right onto Gerhard-Wou-Allee. 
  • You will now reach Mainzerhofplatz. You can either park in the theater's parking garage or take a left turn onto Mainzerhofstraße at the next light.

Coming from Weimar / Jena on the A4 highway

  • Get off the A4 highway at the Erfurt-Ost exit and head towards Erfurt. 
  • Follow the road for approx. 8 km, then take a left onto B7. 
  • Continue on B7 towards Erfurt Stadtzentrum / Theater. 
  • Follow B7 (Weimarische Straße). 
  • Turn right at the intersection of Schillerstraße / Löberstraße. 
  • After approx. 350 m and a railroad underpass, turn left at the light onto Juri-Gagarin-Ring. 
  • You will reach Karl-Marx-Platz after approx. 300 m. 
  • Drive straight onto Lutherstraße. 
  • Turn right at the next light onto Regierungsstraße. 
  • Shortly afterwards, turn left onto Holzheienstraße. 
  • You will reach Mainzerhofplatz after approx. 250 m. 
  • You can park in the theater's parking garage or on Mainzerhofstraße.

Coming by streetcar from the main train station (Hauptbahnhof)

  • Arrival at Erfurts main train station
  • Walk towards Bahnhofstraße and take streetcar line 4 towards "Bindersleben / Flughafen"
  • You will pass the Anger, the Fischmarkt / Rathaus, the Domplatz and at the Theaterplatz you need to get off
  • Now walk down Mainzerhofstraße towards the cathedral until you reach the LEG building (brick building) on the left side of the street


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